from datetime import datetime as dt def remove_class(element, class_name): element.element.classList.remove(class_name) def add_class(element, class_name): element.element.classList.add(class_name) tasks = [] # define the task template that will be use to render new templates to the page task_template = Element("task-template").select(".task", from_content=True) task_list = Element("list-tasks-container") new_task_content = Element("new-task-content") def add_task(*ags, **kws): # ignore empty task if not new_task_content.element.value: return None # create task task_id = f"task-{len(tasks)}" task = { "id": task_id, "content": new_task_content.element.value, "done": False, "created_at":, } tasks.append(task) # add the task element to the page as new node in the list by cloning from a # template task_html = task_template.clone(task_id, to=task_list) task_html_content ="p") task_html_content.element.innerText = task["content"] task_html_check ="input") task_list.element.appendChild(task_html.element) def check_task(evt=None): task["done"] = not task["done"] if task["done"]: add_class(task_html_content, "line-through") else: remove_class(task_html_content, "line-through") new_task_content.clear() task_html_check.element.onclick = check_task def add_task_event(e): if e.key == "Enter": add_task() new_task_content.element.onkeypress = add_task_event

To Do List