Policy on Sponsored Content

sponsored content

On this blog, some content is created with a financial incentive. This policy applies equally to post on my social media profiles that can be found on bas.bio.

Some posts contain affiliate links. This means that I receive a commission on a sale or comparable benefits from the seller or producer of a linked product or service, if you purchase after clicking on such a link.

In no case does this come with any additional costs or other downsides to you. On the contrary you might receive a discount through those links.

Posts containing affiliate links are marked as such, and a link to this policy is placed at the end of each post with such links.

Content that I was paid to create

In some cases, I get paid to create specific pieces of content, commonly referred to as content marketing. Such posts or other pieces of content may contain references to goods and services.

Content that I was paid to create is labelled as such. A link to this policy is provided on such posts.

General policies

  1. Genuity: I recommend products and services based on my own evaluation. At the time of writing, I am using all products and services I recommend unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  2. Due Dilligence: At the time of writing, I am not aware of any business or ethical malpractise of the providers of linked products or services.
  3. Honesty: Any content about products and services reflects my genuine opinion about it. I do not accept payments that would require to change my point of view on a specific product or service.
  4. Transparency: Content with any kind of financial incentive is clearly labelled as such.
  5. Fair Play: While prices might change after publication of my content, purchasing any good or service through a sponsorship of my content, does not come with any downside to you as the buyer. You might receive some benefits, though.
  6. Responsibility: If I get aware of any aspects that change my point of view on any product or service for any reason, I will provide an updates. Such updates are clearly labelled and state the circumstances that changed my view.

Last Update: February 15, 2023