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One Month of Coffee Chats in Review – Frequently Received Answers

I am doing coffee chats for a month now. Here I share the answers I received that made me think

I feel hnoured that people reach out to me and ask me about my advise in technology. In most cases, I feel I can learn a lot more from the random strangers I talk to.

All of the people I talked to had amazing stories to share and allowed me to take some insights into their lives and their feelings. I’m incredibly thankful for this opportunity.

Here are the 5 stories which I found most impressive.

“After college, I went out and travelled the world. I worked as a scuba guide, a bar tender, a surf shop, a grocery store. And I now want to start in tech.”

What should I say? I wish I’d had the courage to do the same after college. And, you can to a transition. It’s not too late!

“I have tried several times to wrap my head around technology and programming. And I failed. But now I’m making some progress.”

Success includes failure. Keep trying. And find a supportive community. #100Devs can be a good start!

“I work as a researcher and have to get some papers done this week. Besides that, I’m a #100Devs fellow.”

Wow, that’s dedication! Keep doing the stuff you find value in but avoid feeling burnt out.

“I have a major in XYZ but failed to land a fulfilling job. Now I want to break into tech.”

Love it, leave it or change it! There is no concept of “too late” in the things you find valuable. You can do it, for sure!

“There are two things that interest me: Outdoor activity and programming. Now I want to build an app that combines both.”

We’re humans, not stereotypes! There is always more than one thing we feel passionate about. If you can combine these, that’s a gift!